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Shanghai Yongxing is a professional medical group with human assisted reproductive medical technology service as its core business. It is committed to making the world-class medical technologies and services such as the humanistic medical concept, advanced medical technology, scientific management quality control and warm diagnosis and treatment services of Japan's famous Yongxing medical group contribute to the development of China's medical cause through localization. Since the establishment of the first group enterprise with the support of Shanghai Personnel Bureau and Shibei industrial new area in 2003, after 16 years of operation, it has established a good reputation in the industry, and its business content and height are constantly improving. It has become a leading professional service organization in China. The business of our group is mainly divided into - 1 Medical clinical business for individual patients 2 Supporting services of medical institutions for legal persons. It can be summarized as follows: clinical business is the construction of a medical ecosystem around patients, and corporate supporting service is the construction of an industrial chain. As an enterprising overseas returnee, Shanghai is always fortunate to benefit from the good business environment in Shanghai, such as the opening of national policies and the needs of medical reform, and strive to make modest contributions to the improvement of China's medical technology and service level. Our group's mission - to benefit Chinese patients!

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